Matt Hardy wants to improve the TNA Wrestling


Matt hardy now wants to buy TNA wrestling.Matt Hardy has expressed interest in buying TNA in multiple Tweets today. Now, while he’s most likely doing this in character, perhaps there is a small possibility that he’d actually like to be the owner of the struggling company.

Hardy is now known as “Broken” Matt Hardy and his “Broken Brilliance” is at the center of what he said will be a resurgence of TNA Impact Wrestling following seemingly years of strife surrounding the company’s ownership and future.

The next phase comes Thursday with Total Nonstop Deletion (Pop, 8 p.m. ET). The two-hour show was filmed at the Hardy Compound in Cameron, N.C., and much of the final hour will be a Tag Team Apocalypto.

“I feel in a very bold statement that Apocalypto will be people’s favorite wrestling match of all time,” Hardy said.

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