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Matt Hardy Reveals What WWE Had Planned For Him If He Re-Signed, On How He Needed To Go Somewhere Else


AEW superstar Matt Hardy recently spoke to Chris Van Vilet to discuss all things pro-wrestling, including what WWE had planned for him had he re-signed with the company instead of going to AEW. Highlights are below.

Says WWE already had plans for him if he re-signed:

Vince and WWE, they already had it in their mind. In Vince’s mind, he was ready to move me on from being a talent into working backstage. Being a producer, helping give back and teach other guys behind the scenes. And I’m very happy to do that but a little later on. These last few years that I have to do this physically, I want to do it to the highest level that I can.

How he knew he needed to go somewhere else:

Even though they offered to do other things after I expressed that was my concern, I know in my head they had already made up their mind how they see me as. So I just knew I needed to go somewhere else. On top of still being able to perform and still do what I want to do in my last few years, I also still get to help back and help young talent as well.

Check out his full interview below. (H/T and transcribed by Sescoops)

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