Matt Hardy promises to delete Vince McMahon


Broken Matt Hardy promised to delete Vince McMahon if the Chairman of the WWE jerked him around. The former WWE Tag Team Champion announced that his drone Vanguard 1 had McMahon under 24/7 surveillance and was watching his every move in case he tried to get in the way of his ‘broken brilliance’.


Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero called time on their association with Impact Wrestling and have been on the lookout for their next destination. This past week, news of their short-term contract with Ring of Honor broke and since then have gone on to win the ROH Tag Team title this past Saturday after defeating the Young Bucks.

However, their contract doesn’t extend beyond April 1 and speculations about their return to the WWE persist.


Matt Hardy revealed details about his future plans to TMZ which gave a pretty good idea of where his head is at. While the brothers are committed to the ROH for the time being, their long-term future is still uncertain.

Bragging about their historical contract with the promotion, he made it a point to mention it was twice the value of what the Young Bucks had.

‘Broken’ Matt also said he has been talking to promotions in the U.S.A., Mexico and Japan and could end up anywhere. When asked if he had spoken to officials at the WWE about a potential return, he answered in the affirmative but also warned McMahon about not trying “anything shady on his broken brilliance”.

The Hardys are all set to defend their title this Friday at the ROH 15th Anniversary pay-per-view against the Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice in a three-way match. The match between the Bucks and Vice had already been announced. However, the Hardys’ surprising win last week forced a change of plans.


It is clear from Matt’s choice of words about trying anything shady on his broken brilliance that he is not willing to compromise on the creative control he has over the ‘broken universe’. So, for those of you who are waiting for them to show up at WWE, manage your expectations because Vince McMahon isn’t exactly known to be so benevolent and with ROH in a spot of trouble, they might decide to sign the brothers on for the near future.

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