Matt Hardy Out of Action, Update on His Future and Tag Team with Bray Wyatt


We now know why Matt Hardy has been teasing changes to his WWE status in a series of recent cryptic tweets. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Hardy is scheduled to take some time off due to injuries.

Hardy recently revealed that his lower back and pelvis have started fusing together, and while the pain isn’t too bad, it is frustrating. Hardy is planning on starting new training rehab methods that should help with the pain.

Hardy and Bray Wyatt’s match against The Revival and RAW Tag Team Champions The B Team on Monday’s RAW was done as the blow-off to The Deleters of Worlds tag team, as Hardy teased in his post-show tweet with Wyatt.

There has been talk of Hardy shadowing WWE producers to “learn the ropes” with the idea of him working a producer job in the future.

Hardy is scheduled to undergo treatments for his various injuries and after that is done, a decision will be made in regards to a possible ring return, what capacity he might return in and if he will have to work a limited schedule.

For those who missed it, below is this week’s post-RAW tweet with Wyatt:


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