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Matt Hardy: “No More Fun Personalities For The Toxic Undeserving Fanbase”


AEW superstar Matt Hardy teased a change of character on last Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite on TNT. Yesterday…the Broken One continued that turn on Twitter by calling out the toxic and undeserving fans of wrestling, and promising that the positive fanbase will soon be rewarded.

Hardy writes, “No more fun personalities for the toxic, undeserving fanbase. I gave them epic Broken Brilliance, but uncultured mooncalves that lacked the intelligence to “get it” ruined it for everyone. For the positive fanbase, I’m here for you.. As the inspiring, ICONIC legend that I am.”

Hardy also recently took notice of AEW’s newest tag team Top Flight, where he tweeted out that they could drastically improve if he took them under his wing.

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