Matt Hardy Explains Why He Is Feuding With Bray Wyatt


WWE superstar Matt Hardy was a recent guest on ESPN Radio’s Geoff Calkins Show to promote the upcoming Raw in Memphis, Tennessee. Currently, Hardy is in an intense feud with Bray Wyatt, which was instrumental in introducing his “Broken” – now “Woken” – gimmick to the WWEUniverse. Hardy was asked where his feud with Wyatt is rooted in. “The force, the condition, that inhabits Bray Wyatt – named Sister Abigail – I knew her thousands of years ago,” said Hardy. “So that’s why our rivalry starts for. The cognizant ability I have to stay in contact with my soul and Sister Abigail many, many thousands of years ago.”

Hardy stated that the “Lake of Reincarnation” came alive as soon as he inherited his property. Once his “condition had been reignited, then everything here became magic.” He added that Senor Benjamin and his two sons live on the Hardy Compound. Regarding the “Delete!” chant, he explained that it started as being an “alternative way of putting out the flame of your opponent,” and people have a quality or essence about them that need to be deleted. It also has other meanings, such as deleting “negativity, hatred, or obsolete calories.” He also chose that term to delete his demons, particularly when he struggled with addiction following his last WWE departure.

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