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Matt Hardy Doesn’t Believe The Elite Did Anything Wrong In AEW All Out Incident


During the latest episode of the “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, the AEW star discussed a wide range of topics including Colt Cabana returning to AEW Dynamite this week, The Elite being back from suspension following the All Out brawl with CM Punk, and more. Here are the highlights: 

The return of The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega:

“It’s gonna be very interesting to see The Elite back, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. I’m very happy they’re back. I will say this right here and right now, those guys didn’t do anything wrong in the situation. If anything, there were the victims. I’m telling you that from a first person perspective. I was there. I witnessed it all. I love all three of those guys. I’ve known Matt and Nick forever. I’ve just gotten to know Kenny while I’ve worked with AEW, but I am very happy they are returning to TV and they’re back and they’re back in the mix. They deserve to be in the mix.”

Cabana returning to AEW TV:

“I was excited for it. It was great. Cole Cabana, he just been away from AEW for a very long time. It is what it is. I don’t really have to sit here and go into things, but you know, we’re in a position right now where he can be back at AEW TV and I’m glad to have him back.”

Whether he has any final thoughts on these situations:

“I just feel like this investigation has happened and I’m glad that their names have been cleared and they’re coming back to TV. I’m very happy to see Colt Cabana, who I think is a great human being and I also think is a great performer. I’m very happy to see him back on AEW programming.”

I saw them (The Young Bucks) yesterday. I told them, ‘Oh my God. It’s so good to see you guys. You guys are the heart and soul of AEW.’ I feel like the Elite, I feel like Matt, Nick, and Kenny are in many, many ways the identity of AEW. Without those guys, you don’t have AEW as it is right now, things are very, very different. You know, Tony Khan may have started wrestling in some capacity, but AEW, All Elite Wrestling, you know, those guys represent the identity of AEW, so it’s very important to have them back.”

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