Matt Hardy Comments On WWE Rumors


Matt Hardy and his Brother Nero would soon be rejoining the family of Meekmahon. Perhaps these pree-moh-nee-shuns were not premature.

The Hardys TNA contracts are up this week, and there’s been no word about them re-signing with the company just yet.

With talk going around that the company is restructuring in a way that might not be friendly to the brothers’ creative control, talk of the Hardys returning to WWE is more relevant than ever.

And the Broken One himself is aware of that talk, posting this to Twitter earlier today.

That the week will be “intriguing” is true regardless of where the Hardys go. TNA tapes Impact this Thursday, and it seems we’ll know the state of their contracts by whether or not they’re present at the tapings. If they’re not there, they’re almost certainly on the way to WWE.

Matt restructured some of his personal business last week, as well, shutting down his ShopMattHardy store.

It seems that Reby Hardy was in charge of the business, and she characterizes the end of the shop as a result of caring for two children. But we can’t help but speculate that it’s because WWE might be handling the Broken brand from here.

She also added this to Twitter earlier today.

Matt Hardy Wants More From His Obsolete Mule.

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