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Matt Hardy Clarifies WWE’s Social Media Policy, Commends AEW For Acknowledging Other Wrestling Companies


Earlier today, WWE released an old Roman Reigns United States championship matchup against former superstar Miroslav Barnyashev (Rusev) on their company Youtube channel, but failed to tag Miro while promoting it on Twitter. This prompted the Bulgarian Brute to respond to the post, with a fan pointing out that the same thing happened to now AEW superstar, Matt Hardy.

Hardy would respond and clarify why the WWE social media team didn’t acknowledge Miro as he is no longer apart of their universe, something he commends AEW for. He writes, “WWE social media folks aren’t allowed to mention talent like @ToBeMiro, because they now only exist in the entire professional wrestling universe, as opposed to solely
@WWE. It’s just their policy. I love how @AEWrestling acknowledges all of pro wrestling, competition or not.”

Check out the exchange below.

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