Matt Hardy Changing How He’s Dealing With Impact Wrestling


Rolling Stone has an article here about 3LAU’s new “On My Mind” music video, which features Mojo Rawley and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. 3LAU said that the project came together in the weeks leading to this year’s Super Bowl while he was hanging out with Gronk and his brothers. 3LAU played the song to Gronk and his friends and joked about the NFL Superstar starring in the video. Gronk agreed, and the result is the music video above.

– Matt Hardy noted that he’s changing the way he’s dealing with Impact Wrestling after Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm sent websites a log of the communications between the company and Hardy over the ownership of the “Broken” gimmick. Nordholm also included an alleged four-page excerpt from Hardy’s contract with highlighted passages which stated that the company owned all intellectual property after their relationship ended, as well as an email exchange with a WWE employee who stated that WWE had “no interest” in getting involved with acquiring the gimmick.

“I wanted to move on peacefully & keep our incredibly unprofessional contract negotiations silent,” Hardy wrote on Twitter. “NOT NOW.”

– Speaking of Matt Hardy, The Washington Post used an image of the Hardys here for a story about Greg Gianforte bodyslamming a reporter this week. Despite the bodyslam and subsequent misdemeanor assault, Gianforte won the Montana special election on Thursday night for the state’s only seat in the House.

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