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Matt Cardona Says GCW Fans Wanted Nick Gage To Kill Chelsea Green: “What The Hell Is Wrong With These People”


IMPACT star and new GCW champion Matt Cardona recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss his big victory over deathmatch king Nick Gage at last weekend’s Homecoming event, and how he would rank the moment as top three in his career. He also says that the GCW fan-base have been very aggressive towards him on social media, even tweeting him that they wanted Gage to kill his fiancee, Chelsea Green. Highlights are below.

On the tweets he was getting about Chelsea Green:

“People like, they just wanted me to die in there. I was getting tweets like, people wanted me to die and they wanted Nick to kill Chelsea. These are human beings really typing this on their phones or their computer, like ‘what the hell is wrong with these people?”

Calls the victory one of the top moments in his career:

“I mean listen, winning that Intercontinental Title with my dad coming into the ring, that’s number one,” Cardona said. “But if this isn’t number two or three, I don’t know what would be. I had a kick ass death match against this death match king, I beat him, and then the place legitimately riots. You can’t really top that. It’s an unbelievable feeling, and you know I’ve been running my mouth the past couple weeks saying ‘oh I’m going to take this title to Disneyland. Right now I’m in the Grand Californian Hotel at the Disneyland resort. I’ve got the title, I’m going to clean off the blood, I’m going to put it in a backpack and I’m going to take a picture in front of the castle. And the GCW Universe is going to hate me for it, but all my fans are going to love and that’s the best part. I’m not changing me. I’m not turning heel, I’m not being a bad guy, I’m being me. And my fans love me, normal people love me, but this GCW Universe hates my guts and I think it’s the greatest environment. I love it.”

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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