Marty Scurll On Why The Bullet Club Is So Popular


The Villain Marty Scurll, was a recent guest on the “Steve Austin Show: Unleashed”. Austin & Scurll discussed numerous topics & during a particular portion of the podcast, Austin asked Marty to explain why the Bullet Club is so popular.

Here’s what Scurll had to say:

Marty: “It’s about as much pop culture as anything WWE could be. Bullet Club is in the new Tekken game on PlayStation and Xbox. We signed a deal with Hot Topic, it’s so great. I didn’t realize the extent of how big it is until I joined. I think, always in wrestling, they love the groups and I think a big part of it might be that friendship thing. Obviously, I’m with Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks and people love watching our friendship. We have a YouTube show called Being The Elite. It’s all just ribs; it’s all us filming stuff we think is funny, it’s kind of poorly acted, poorly edited, the fans love it. It’s not a script, it’s not being told what to do, we’re just having a laugh and people see that friendship, they see that camaraderie and they love it. I think that’s why people like the Bullet Club, they like the idea of a group and being part of a gang and that’s why they want the T-shirt.”

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