Marty Jannetty says he was offered a lot of money to do adult films


Former WWE Superstar Marty Jannetty took to his official Facebook page earlier this week (Tues. March 7, 2017) to reveal to his fans that a big adult film company has contacted him to see if he is interested in doing a few films for them.

Jannetty said that he was offered $150,000 in exchange for his performance in three adult films. He clarified that he is not interested in the offer with the fear that his family might see the clips.

Jannetty is best known for being the former tag team partner of WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels, collectively known as The Rockers. HBK turned on Jannetty in 1991 by throwing him through a window on ‘The Barbershop’ segment.

Here’s what Jannetty had to say about being offered to do a few adult films (all transcribed quotes courtesy of Jannetty’s official Facebook page):

“To all my ninjas, I want y’alls advice..just got a call..$150,000 for 3 movies…porno movies..cant say the name but, they’re big company…Im thinking my bruh Snoop had something to do with this.. check this though, I’d get to tear up some beautiful b*tches, but, as my brother said, my family could see thought is, why is my family watching porno then gonna judge me? What do y’all think on that?”

Based on the doubt in his post, it is unlikely that Jannetty will participate in the films, but the offer could be too good to pass up for the former WWE Superstar. Adult film industries have a history of contacting former WWE stars for films, with Chyna being one of the most famous cases to do the dirty deed along with former boyfriend X-Pac.

Dabbling in the world of adult films is a lucrative option, but it comes with the risk of being deserted by WWE and his family. Jannetty’s doubts are warranted and we can only hope he passes up on the opportunity. What do you think about the possibility of Jannetty doing an adult film?

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