Martina Hingis offers take on Emma Raducanu’s stunning decision after US Open win


Former five-time Grand Slam champion Martina Hingis thinks Emma Raducanu splitting with the coach who guided her to a maiden Grand Slam title probably “wasn’t the great choice to do.” After Raducanu stunningly won the 2021 US Open as a qualifier, she parted ways with coach Andrew Richardson. At the time, Raducanu’s decision not only stunned tennis fans but also those from within the tennis community, including tennis greats. In the last two years, Raducanu has changed five different coaches and she hasn’t won a title since the 2021 US Open. Raducanu recently underwent multiple surgeries and Hingis warns the 20-year-old it won’t be easy to win when she returns.

Hingis on Raducanu’s stunning coaching change, post-surgery period 

“You know, if you have the right surroundings I think that’s also really important. I mean I never met [Raducanu]. It was incredible she was able to win the US Open and all of the changes after that maybe, who knows? I don’t think it was the great choice to do. I mean, when you win with someone you usually continue the path but I can’t judge what happened. But it will be nice to find her success again. I mean, she’s got the shots, she’s the whole package. But you still need the results, it’s not like one day you win the US Open and that’s the rest of the life. There’s so many girls out there who can play well, who are hungry. I hope the best for her but it won’t be easy,” Hingis said.

In May, Raducanu had surgeries on both wrists and her left ankle. At the start of Wimbledon, Raducanu visited The All England Club as a guest. During a conversation with Kate Middleton, The Princess of Wales, Raducanu revealed her intention is to return to the practice court next month.

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