Martha Hart Discusses Meeting The Hart Family For The First Time, Talks Owen Hart Attempting To Get Out Of The Wrestling Business


Martha Hart has continued her press tour promoting the season two Dark Side of the Ring finale on the late Owen Hart, and the tragic circumstances surrounding his passing in 1999. Martha recently appeared on an episode of Talk is Jericho to recall the story of meeting the Hart family, and discusses Owen’s attempts at getting out of the business. Highlights from the interview are below.

Meeting the Hart family:

I met Owen when I was so young. I was only 15 and he was 17. We were in high school. I also came from a big crazy family. My family was also a bit dysfunctional, so it didn’t throw me off. But, it was a bit interesting. The house was beautiful, but with so many big family members and they were all giants, it was intimidating for sure. Stu was a bit scary the first time I met him. I was really nervous about meeting him. But, he smiled at me and winked, so I thought, I’m in, I think I’m ok. It was definitely interesting. It was a lot of mixed emotions. It was exciting but it was nerve-racking. There were a lot of interesting characters always at the house. There was always something interesting happening there for sure.

On Owen being bright and trying to get out of the business:

It was never the long term goal or the plan to stay in it. As life picks you up and carries you away, it has other plans. Your original plans get left in the dust. He tried for a long time to get out of the business. He applied to the fire department every year for years. At that time, it was hard to get on the fire department. You need to have a university degree. It was one of those sought after jobs, especially in Calgary. His brother and brother-in-law were firefighters. He knew that life and liked it, and tried to pursue it. He was also a Canadian and American citizen. He also applied to be a customs agent, because he thought it would be ideal because he lived in Calgary and American so he can work for customs. He always regretted that he didn’t finish his education because he was actually a very bright guy.

Check out the full TIJ here. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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