Mark Henry says he’s retired for now, but don’t rule out a return yet


Former WWE world champ Mark Henry ain’t slammin’ the door on his career in the ring … saying there’s still a chance he’d come back even though he’s technically retired.

We spoke to The World’s Strongest Man ahead of his WWE Hall of Fame induction at WrestleMania 34 in April … and Mark told us he’s too beat up to compete in the next year or two, at least.

But, could the right matchup lure him back inside the squared circle?

“If it was a perfect circumstance and something happened down the road, yeah,” Henry told TMZ Sports.

Ain’t the first time Mark’s pulled the ol’ switcheroo … he had the entire WWE universe fooled with his infamous retirement speech back in 2013 … before he flipped the script and body-slammed his rival, John Cena, straight through the mat!!

For his HOF induction, some fans figured Cena would get to do the honor … but Mark says he actually has another BIG WWE superstar in mind (hint, hint).


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