Mark Henry On How The WWE Should Book Nia Jax


WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry was recently a guest on SiriusXM’s “Busted Open Radio”. During the interview – he went into depth on how he thinks the WWE should take an unfortunate accident and use it to turn Nia Jax into a monster. Here are the highlights:

On Wanting To See Nia Portrayed As Vicious:

I wanna see Nia not smile. Like, ‘Becky hit me and she got what the hell she deserved. And if anybody else wants a 2 piece, with no sides, and no biscuits – bring it! I’m standing here, I got a microphone in my hand. It’s very easy for me to put this down and put my hands on your ass!’ Like, give me that. If you give me that, I’m up in arms.’

Henry On Having Nia Knock Out A Male Wrestler:

I could see Nia punching a guy if they had one of those mixed challenge matches. And one of the guys is trying to break up Nia and the other girl, and she swings at the girl, the girl ducks and she hits the guy. Bang! Now the guy goes down like he’s been shot from the top of the arena. Now, everybody gets it. Oh s–t! She can knock out a dude. So what is she gonna do to Ronda Rousey?

On Not Liking The Shift From In-Ring Wrestling To Entertainment:

We’re doing stuff – we’re not thinking in the sense of wrestling now. Sometimes we try to think about entertaining too much, and I’m tired of seeing the girl smile. I’m tired of seeing everybody cry when they get an ass whooping. Like, there’s no crying in wrestling.

You can listen to the full interview with Mark Henry below:


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