Manchester City is still defending its title and winning the 9th Premier League in its history!


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Manchester City continues its dominance over English football, and with style. With Arsenal’s defeat at Nottingham Forest, the Skyblues are guaranteed to finish ahead of the Gunners in the standings, who have only one league game left while Pep Guardiola’s men have three more matches to play. , with four points ahead of his runner-up.

A ninth final coronation for the sky blue club of Manchester, which is also the third consecutive and the fifth under the orders of the Spanish technician. This first trophy of the season for the residents of the Etihad could be the first of a historic treble, in the event of victories in the finals of the Champions League, against Inter on June 10, and the FA Cup , facing his eternal rival and neighbor Manchester United a week earlier.

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An unexpected coronation

However, unlike previous seasons, the Citizens had not shown unanimous dominance since the start of the season. Indeed, in front of him was an Arsenal FC, author of an excellent start to the season, with even 27 days spent as leader of the championship and five points ahead of the Mancunians for several weeks, before cracking in the final sprint. .

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However, the teammates of Erling Haaland, who has already marked the history of the PL with his record number of goals scored in a single season – and his first! – have never given up on the idea of ​​regaining this throne that they had occupied for so long in the last seasons. After the defeat at Tottenham in early February (1-0), the Skyblues chained 14 matches without the slightest setback to return to the AFC and confirm their ascendancy in Her Majesty’s Kingdom.

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Manchester City is still defending its title and winning the 9th Premier League in its history! 24hfootnews.

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