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One of the things that many WWE fans remain concerned with is building future stars to keep the company thriving over time. When Hulk Hogan left and Ultimate Warrior failed to remain strong, the WWE went through a rough patch trying to recuperate. However, Bill Goldberg said in a recent Sports Illustrated interview that the future looks bright for the WWE.

When John Cena retires, which could be sooner rather than later, the WWE needs to make sure they have people in place to carry on when it comes to selling merchandise, tickets, and making public appearances, as well as putting on great matches week after week. Bill Goldberg knows how important that is as the former face of WCW.

According to Bill Goldberg, there are two people that he sees in the WWE right now that show that the future is bright for the company. Those two people are current WWE world champion AJ Styles and former women’s champion Sasha Banks.

“The ability that they have at this point is a bright star for the future of wrestling. I’m very happy with where the business is and who it’s been left to. Sure, there are holes that need to be filled, but there always are. The business is in good hands and the future is bright.”

AJ Styles was an immediate sensation when he made his debut in the Royal Rumble match last year and there are rumors that even Vince McMahon was surprised at the loud response that Styles got when he debuted. After years in TNA Impact Wrestling, many fans were happy to see him finally get a chance in the WWE.

AJ Styles was in WCW for a time before it shut down so it is likely that he met Bill Goldberg, but even if he didn’t, there is still a lot of respect shown by Goldberg towards the current WWE world champion.

As for Sasha Banks, it is interesting because Charlotte Flair is who had the women’s division placed on her shoulders while Sasha Banks was her biggest rival. However, it was Sasha Banks, and not Charlotte Flair, that Bill Goldberg mentioned when talking about the future of the WWE.

WWE News: Bill Goldberg Calls AJ Styles, Sasha Banks Bright Stars For Future Of WWE
[Image by WWE]

Bill Goldberg also had something to say about Roman Reigns, who recently proclaimed himself the leader of the new generation in the WWE. While Goldberg threw out compliments for AJ Styles and Sasha Banks, he was also complimentary of Roman Reigns.

“If they just try to push someone down people’s throats, people resent it… I think Roman is a great kid. I feel really bad that anyone would go out there and boo him based not off of not liking him or his ability, but just based upon the situation. His look, his work, his enthusiasm, and what he puts into his craft — Roman is a professional.”

This weekend will be huge for the WWE. This year’s Royal Rumble is the first one in a few years where the winner is completely up in the air. While Roman Reigns and AJ Styles won’t be involved in the match, names like Bill Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, and The Undertaker will be.

Whether or not the WWE brings a young talent to the main event of WrestleMania at the event remains to be seen. There are still heavy rumors that a name like Undertaker or Randy Orton will win. Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will also play an important role, although neither are expected to win.

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