Luke Donald, the World Ranking and the picks


Tough times for the OWGR.

After last summer’s changes to the points awarding criteria, not a day went by without someone criticizing them.

Jon Rahm is one of the main exponents of the critics’ front, also (and above all, I would add) in the light of the fact that his last, exceptional performances have not guaranteed him the first position in the World Ranking.

Supporters of the new rules try to appease spirits, pointing out that the only problem is the lack of patience on the part of the detractors of the new system.

According to the group in favor, the new points awarding system is fairer, but the adjustments are less immediate: Rahm will come to occupy first place next February.

In this debate, the contribution of the Captain of Team Europe could not be missing.

Luke Donald, interviewed by The Telegraph, addressed a specific aspect, namely that of the impact of the “new” OWGR on the selection process of the members of the European team.

He has made it clear that he will recognize the imperfections of a system he has called “distorted.”

Luke Donald, statements

“If you talk to someone who does statistics, he will tell you that now the method is fairer, but it seems a bit off the mark”

“Maybe before it was a little too simple a method, but now it has gone too far in the opposite direction”

“It’s something they need to fix, because this system doesn’t fully value winning, wherever a player wins and no matter how large the field is”

“However, it will take months to fix everything”

“May not be fixed in time for the Ryder Cup and remain biased towards those playing on the DP World Tour”

“It seems extremely difficult for some of our young people to break into the top 50 players in the world, thus being able to enter the most important tournaments”

“I want the players to know that I will take all of these issues into account when making the picks I have available.”

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