Lucha Underground Star Reveals WWE Wanted Him To Get Bigger


Lucha Underground star Jeff Cobb (a/k/a “The Monster” Matanza Cueto) was recently a guest on Sean Walkman’s “X-Pac 12360” podcast. In the interview, Cobb, a former Olympic amateur wrestler that represented Guam at the 2004 Summer Olympics, revealed WWE told him to get bigger.

“Everybody wants to get to the WWE so I did a little thing with them and they wanted me to get bigger,” Cobb remarked.

Looking for clarity, Waltman interjected, “Did they [WWE] tell you that?”

Cobb explained, “Yeah, this is when I was only like 215-220 so I was like well I got to get bigger I’ll get bigger so I just started lifting more and less cardio.”

Cobb had a tryout with WWE in September of 2014 at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida under former head WWE trainer Bill DeMott. That tryout also included current WWE cruiserweight performer Rich Swann.

WWE isn’t the only place Cobb would like to work. He also has his eyes on Japan.

“I just feel my style would work there great. I think the Japanese fans would be really receptive too.” Cobb explained. “Like, someone compared me once to Gary Albright obviously a shorter version and probably with better hair. I can’t grow a mullet. That is definitely on my foreseeable future list or my to-do list.”

After transitioning to professional wrestling in 2009, it was Lucha Underground where Cobb first gained exposure in the mainstream with the Matanza Cueto gimmick. At least initially, he wasn’t excited about being pushed under a mask.

“At first I was kind of bummed about being under a mask. At the time when they (Lucha Underground) told me the character, I didn’t really comprehend or grasp what it was but at the time I was just looking for any exposure to get my name out there and I just figured it’s something to expand on me personally instead of just being the same person over and over in every indie company,” Cobb told Waltman.

You can listen to his complete interview with Sean “X-Pac” Waltman by clicking this link.

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