Lucha Underground Results 21st June 2017


Here is the synopsis for tonight’s episode entitled “Family First”.
“The Cueto Cup continues its first round; Marty The Moth continues his caddish ways; Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo ready themselves for their battle”.


LU opens with a video teaser as a setup for tonight’s show. In the video are highlights from Dario Cueto’s announcement and the start of his “Cueto Cup” last week. Also featured is Cage’s meeting with Councilman Delgado, and the subsequent murder of Delgado at the hands of Cage.

The opening scene has Fenix showing up to The Temple in the day time. He is pulling up in his car. Fenix is greeted by Melissa Santos. Fenix dedicates his success in the Cueto Cup to her. Off in the distance is Marty The Moth, who is creeping on Melissa.

We are inside the Temple now. Matt Striker and Vampiro intro and hype this week’s show. They go over the results from Group A in The Cueto Cup last week. Which saw Drago, Pentagon Dark, Texano and The Mack advance. Striker cues to the ring for the start of Group B action.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Group B-First Round
Cage vs. Vinnie Massaro

This match is a tale of complete opposites. Cage is the ripped body builder with a god like physique facing off against the exact opposite in Massaro. Vinnie gets dirty early on and tries to cheap shot Cage but gets over powered to the outside. Vinnie is wearing a ripped tank top with holes in it. He tries to get in the ring and attempts a clothesline but Cage stands still and then nails him with a spine buster. Moments later, Massaro gets the Temple behind him when he hits his “snoring elbow” and then grounds Cage. Vinnie goes to Cage’s corner and tries to use the Metal Gauntlet. Massaro swings and misses. Cage then beats down Massaro in the corner. He then lifts up Vinnie and hits a modified brainbuster driver to secure the victory.

Cage defeats Vinnie Massaro by pinfall to advance to the next round of Group B

After the match, Cage puts on his Metal Gauntlet glove and starts to pound away on Massaro. He busts him open. Massaro is then choke slammed off of the apron.

When the show returns from the break. A video feature airs hyping the upcoming Lucha Underground title match between Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio. In it, Rey Mysterio talks about what his mask means to him and how he fears no man or challenge. Rey is shown during the video being greeted by fans in the streets. The second part of the video focuses on Johnny Mundo and his unique training regimen. Mundo talks about always knowing that he has been the best. He addresses Rey Mysterio and acknowledges that Rey is considered the greatest luchador ever. Mundo says that everyone will have no choice to recognize him after he defeats Mysterio.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Group B- First Round
Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez vs. Saltador

As per usual, Marty stands behind Melissa while she introduces him…….. Both men try to weird each other out early on. Saltador tries to put Marty in a trance, but he just ends up laughing it off. The comedy antics actually lead to some chain wrestling between the two. Saltador starts to get under Marty’s skin and grounds him with a couple of drop kicks. Saltador then twists up Marty and hog ties him to the bottom rope. When Saltador attempts a leaping rana on Marty, he gets caught and power bombed into the steel gate on the outside. Marty creeps on Melissa some more, as she turns away disgusted….. When Marty takes Saltador back into the ring. Marty actually shoves his hand into Saltador’s mouth and drags him around the ring. After a tilt a whirl slam by Marty, he then backs Saltador into the corner. When the ref tries to get in between them. Marty spits in the referee’s face. Saltador starts to rally, he hits a flurry of offensive moves on Marty, ending with a leaping springboard head scissors. Moments later, Saltador baits Marty in by pretending that he has a cramp. When Marty starts laughing at him, he gets superkicked and covered for a near pin fall. Marty battles back and hits an exploder suplex. Marty gets over confident and Saltador rolls him up in a small package for a near fall. An angry Marty picks up Saltador and hits a unique looking, double underhook suplex into a gut buster. The move gives Marty the victory. Melissa Santos begrudgingly announces Marty as the winner.

Marty The Moth defeats Saltador to advance in Group B of The Cueto Cup

Mascarita Sagrada is shown backstage at The Temple. He is working out in preparation for his upcoming tournament match. Sagrada is then approached by The Rabbit Tribe. They treat Sagrada as if he is their Rabbit leader but Mascarita blows them off and just walks away.

The next scene of the show has Marty The Moth inside his secret lair. He has photos of Melissa Santos all over his walls. Marty reaches into his tights and pulls out a picture of Melissa. He then talks to it. He says that he is not mad at Melissa for wanting to keep their relationship a secret. Marty then licks her picture. Marty is then approached by his sister Mariposa. She tells Marty that his lust for Melissa has made him weak. Mariposa tells Marty that after she wins her first round match, that she will advance to face Marty and will be forced to teach him a lesson. Marty tells Mariposa to remember how they used to play when they were kids. Mariposa leaves and Marty talks to Melissa’s picture again. He tells her that they will one day be family too.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Group B- First Round
Mascarita Sagrada vs. Pindar w/Kobra Moon

One third of the new Trios champs, Pindar over powers and flings the tiny Sagrada all over the ring at the outset. Mascarita battles back after the crowd chants for him. He takes to the air and grounds his opponent. Sagrada ends up connecting with a hurricanrana on the outside. Sagrada stays on the offensive, when the action gets back in the ring but he gets caught in mid-air, as Pindar hits a pop up diamond cutter from his knees. Pindar takes control and Kobra Moon interferes and kicks Sagrada in the face when the ref isn’t looking. Pindar then carries Sagrada around the ring. He then spanks Sagrada like a little child to humiliate him. Sagrada ends up rallying with an around the world head scissors, which gets the believers in The Temple in a frenzy. Kobra comes into the ring to go after Sagrada but he evades her. She is unable to evade him seconds later when he slaps her on the outside. Moments later, Sagrada hits a moonsault on Pindar, that leads to a near pinfall. Pindar eventually over powers Sagrada and hits an inside-out power bomb for the victory.

Pindar defeats Mascarita Sagrada to advance in Group B of The Cueto Cup

Pindar will face Cage in the next round. The next Group B match will take place after the break, as Fenix takes on Mariposa, with the winner advancing to face Marty.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Group B- First Round Match
Mariposa vs. Fenix

When Fenix arrives to ringside, Melissa Santos is shown being smitten with him….. The story of the match is Fenix not taking his female opponent seriously. Evenly contested first couple of minutes. Fenix tries to dial down his aggressiveness facing a female opponent but he ends up going against that strategy and hits a standing drop kick to Mariposa’s head. Mariposa battles back with a pretty tilt a whirl DDT on Fenix for a near fall. When the action gets to the outside, Mariposa hits a running hurricanrana on Fenix. Back in the ring, Mariposa hits a springboard bulldog on Fenix for a near fall. Fenix battles back with a release german suplex. He sells not kicking Mariposa in the head but instead slaps her. When Fenix picks up Mariposa, she counters into a modified sunset flip power bomb. Mariposa stays on the offensive but Fenix strikes her down with a martial arts kick. The two then end up battling to the top rope and they exchange strikes. Fenix strikes her down with a Muta like jumping palm strike. Mariposa goes for a cross body block seconds later but gets caught and defeated when Fenix hits The fenix driver.

Fenix defeats Mariposa to advance to the next round in Group B of The Cueto Cup

Marty comes out after the match to attack Fenix. Melissa shows concern at ringside for Fenix. Marty and his sister then attempt to team up and beat him down, but Fenix battles back and ends up leaping over the ropes onto them at ringside… As Fenix celebrates, Matt Striker closes the show by stating that the field of 32 in The Cueto Cup tournament has now been cut in half.

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