Lucha Underground Results 14th June 2017 – 6/14/17


Tonight’s episode of Lucha Underground is entitled “The Cup Begins”. Below is the synopsis for tonight’s show.

“The Cueto Cup begins. Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio start their training; Cage visits Councilman Delgado.”

The “Cueto Cup” is the latest brainchild from The Proprietor of The Temple and Lucha Underground Dario Cueto. The winner of The Cueto Cup will get a shot at The Lucha Underground Championship at ‘Ultima Lucha Tres’. The current champion Johnny Mundo is scheduled to face Rey Mysterio on the night of The Cueto Cup Final. The 32 Luchador tournament is broken up in four separate groups. 31 of the competitors and the opening first round matches have been announced. Tonight’s show will feature two of those matches from group A when Pentagon Dark returns to The Temple to face Argenis, and Drago takes on his former Trios champion partner Aerostar. Below is the entire bracket for The Cueto Cup.


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The show opens with highlights from last week’s show. Johnny Mundo’s successful title defense against The Mack, Drago turning on his Trios partners to join Kobra Moon and her Reptile Tribe, and Dario Cueto’s “Cueto Cup” announcement. Also featured in the video is the on-going story line/feud between Pentagon Dark and The Black Lotus Triad. Where Black Lotus exacted revenge and broke the arm of Pentagon.

Dario Cueto is in his office and has a large board set up with The Cueto Cup bracket. Pentagon Dark enters Dario’s office. He pronounces that he has returned to The Temple. Pentagon asks Cueto where Black Lotus is. Cueto says that she has gone back to Hong Kong and hasn’t seen her in months. Pentagon threatens to break Cueto’s arm. He then grabs Cueto’s hand and twists. Dario gets Pentagon to release it when he tells him that he is being entered into The Cueto Cup, with a chance at becoming the next Lucha Underground Champion. Pentagon then threatens Dario. He repeats his “Cero Miedo” line and tells Cueto that if he doesn’t walk out of Lucha Underground as Champion, he is going to break Dario’s bones.

Matt Striker and Vampiro intro tonight’s show from inside the Temple. They hype up The Cueto Cup and cue to Melissa Santos in the ring for the opening contest.

Mala Suerte vs. The Mack

The “Return of The Mack” song is sung by the believers in The Temple. The Mack wrestles a lucha libre style early on and goes toe to toe with Suerte. This leads to an early standoff. Suerte tries to trick The Mack with a show of sportsmanship but he ends up eating a leg lariat from him. The Mack gets the better of Suerte with the next few exchanges between the two. Suerte builds up some momentum with a nice sequence of counters leading to a basement dropkick. The Mack rallies, gets a head of steam and hits a cross body on Suerte. Mala had the same idea and both men crash down to the mat. After both men struggle back to their feet. The Mack goes on an offensive flurry, ending with an exploder suplex, that nets him a near fall. Moments later, Mala Suerte hits an inside out german suplex on Mack but doesn’t attempt to cover Mack. He heads to the top and teases leaping three quarters of the ring but instead he jumps down and rolls towards a grounded Mack with a senton. The believers in The Temple mockingly give Suerte a holy chant for his non death defying move. The Mack kicks out after the senton, he recovers and hits The Big Willy slam for an extremely close near fall.


Suerte battles back and hits a great looking crucifix bomb for a near pinfall victory. Suerte connects with a spike DDT on The Mack and heads to the top. He misses a Swanton. The Mack fires up, hits the pounce and a stunner to defeat Suerte.

The Mack defeats Mala Suerte to advance to the next round of The Cueto Cup tournament

When the show returns from the break. Cage is shown backstage training with his “power fist” on. Dario Cueto approaches Cage and talks about his powerful artifact. Cueto says that he is not the only one to be thanked for giving Cage a new form of power. He credits his “dear friend” Councilman Delgado. Cueto tells Cage to meet up with him and get acquainted. Cage refuses at first but Cueto gives him the contact information and leaves.

Pentagon Dark vs. Argenis

A large Cero Miedo chant starts before the match does. Pentagon grounds Argenis early on. He trips him up with a stiff soccer style kick. Pentagon repeats the move twice. Argenis battles back with a frankensteiner but Pentagon rallies quickly with a sling blade. Dark then revs up and hits a punt kick on Argenis. Both men take turns hitting one another with thrust kicks. The action goes to the outside and Argenis hits a moonsault. When both men get back into the ring, Pentagon recovers and strikes down Argenis multiple times. Pentagon tries to put away Argenis but he battles back with a neckbreaker. The next couple of minutes are evenly contested as both men take turns hitting high Impact moves. Aregenis gets caught on the top rope and kicked in the head. Pentagon Dark hits a package piledriver on Argenis to secure the victory.

Pentagon Dark defeats Argenis to advance to the next round in The Cueto Cup tournament

Pentagon teases leaving the ring after his victory but he returns to break the arm of Argenis.

Texano vs. Famous B w/Beautiful Brenda

Famous B has a cowboy get up and gets upset with Melissa when she doesn’t introduce him as being from Texas. Famous B is trying to recruit Texano by getting on his good side.


When Melissa leaves the ring. Famous B offers Texano his services. He says that he doesn’t want to win, that he wants Texano to win and is willing to lay down for him. Famous B lays down on the mat. Texano teases following Famous B’s request but lifts him up before the count of three. Texano instead lifts up Famous B and hits a sit out power bomb and then pins him.

Texano defeats Famous B to advance to the next round of The Cueto Cup Tournament

Texano will now go on to face The Mack in Group A….. When he leaves the ring, Brenda smacks him on the ass and flirts with Texano. She tells him “he’s so much cowboy, little rope”. Brenda then goes into the ring to comfort Famous B.

A Cerveza Modelo ad airs during the break featuring Melissa Santos and Fenix. Throughout the show, several commercial advertisements have Lucha Underground tie ins. From Cricket Wireless and Auto Zone. Where Lucha stars like Joey Ryan and Taya are featured among others.


After the break, A narrated video package airs hyping up The Johnny Mundo-Rey Mysterio world title match set on the night of The Cueto Cup final. Both Mundo and Mysterio are shown training for their upcoming showdown. The video ends with a graphic of the two with Dario Cueto getting the credit for presenting the upcoming Lucha Underground Championship match.

This is followed by a recap of the current backstory to The Drago-Kobra Moon storyline.

Drago w/Kobra Moon vs. Aerostar

The winner of this match will go on to face Pentagon Dark in the next round…. Drago has a new look and is escorted to the ring with Kobra Moon leading him with a steel chain wrapped around his neck. Aerostar actually tries to get his former friend and partner to wake up out of his trance. Drago hesitates for a minute but ends up attacking Aerostar anyway. Drago controls the action for the next couple of minutes with Kobra Moon barking orders at him.


Aerostar eventually rallies and takes to the air. It backfires on him when he takes a nasty fall into the chairs at ringside. Drago actually lures Aerostar and throws him face first into a chair. Kobra Moon intervenes and slaps a fallen Aerostar. Kobra instructs Drago to finish off his former partner but he hesitates. Matt Striker does a good job of making note of this during commentary. Drago’s delay enables Aerostar to get back into the match. Drago cuts him off and flips him around in a barrel roll pin attempt. It nearly nets him the victory. Aerostar battles back and gets Drago in a modified indian death lock but he is able to get to the ropes. Seconds later, Aerostar shows that he has done his homework and actually attempts to beat Drago with his own Whip Of The Dragon’s Lair rolling pin. Drago escapes and ends up hitting Star with a Spanish fly like blockbuster in mid-air. Aerostar once again attempts to counter Drago and pin him with The Dragon’s lair but this time, Drago repositions and gets Aerostar’s shoulders down to the mat in the move and gets the 3 count.

Drago defeats Aerostar to advance to the next round of The Cueto Cup tournament

Drago will go on to face Pentagon Dark in the next round of The Group A bracket. After the match, Kobra Moon instructs Drago to kill Aerostar in Spanish. Drago slams Aerostar down to the mat. Kobra wraps Drago back in his chain as the action in The Temple ends for this week…….

In one of the craziest endings in Lucha Underground history. Cage is shown meeting up with Councilman Delgado at City Hall. Delgado greets Cage in his office by saying that Cage can’t take his glove off because it’s working. Cage is puzzled by this line. Delgado says that very soon, Cage will be more powerful than he can ever imagine and that very soon, our work will begin. Cage takes exception to Delgado saying “our work”. He tells Delgado that he doesn’t work for him. Delgado says that he eventually will. Delgado tells Cage that his meaningless life will finally now have a purpose. Cage grabs Delgado by the neck with the glove. He throws him up against the wall and Delgado starts spitting up blood. Cage releases the choke and apologizes for snapping. Delgado accepts the apology and says it’s ok because he is still thinking like a man. Cage stares at his iron fist, snaps and hits Delgado in the head with it. When the Fist is pulled back, It is covered in blood, presumably after crushing Delgado’s skull and murdering him. Delgado’s brain matter slides off the glove as Cage stares intently at it. Cage says that he is not a man, that he is a machine. When Cage walks away, Delgado’s dead body is shown on the floor. One of his eyeballs has been popped out of it’s socket. As Cage walks away, he steps on the eyeball and crushes it.



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