Floyd Mayweather Reacts To TKO Win, Conor McGregor Responds


Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor by technical knockout at 1:05 of Round 10 of their boxing match on Saturday night.

After the fight, Jim Gray interviewed Mayweather.

Mayweather said: “McGregor is a tough competitor and they gave the fans what they wanted to see. McGregor was better than he thought he was but said he followed his game plan to let Conor throw his heavy shots early.”

Now a perfect 50-0. Mayweather said “a win is a win” and that he looks forward to going in to the Hall of Fame one day. Floyd said this was his last fight, he reiterated “for sure” this is his last fight.

– Conor McGregor said “He turned Mayweather into a Mexican, that he fought like a Mexican tonight.” Conor said Floyd is not that fast or not that powerful but he’s composed. Conor said he thought it was close and said he thought the referee should have let him go. McGregor said Mayweather is composed and that is what 50 pro fights will give you.

McGregor said he’ll go back to UFC.

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