LoL Champion roadmap – Riot talks about the upcoming champions


Riot is keeping up its streak of communicating its updates with another LoL Champion roadmap, shedding some light on the upcoming releases.

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Image Credits | Riot Games

LoL Champion Roadmap – Updates on Naafiri and Briar

Riot Lexi “Lexical” Gao explained that Milio’s release was to bring back champions with simple kits but still feel unique. Moving forward, their goal will be to “have a good variety of simple, to complex, and everything in between.”

Speaking of more complex champions, Riot Lexical talked about Naafiri. The assassin will be much harder to pick up compared to Milio. That said, the devs’ plan is to lower the burden on mechanical execution in favor of macro-oriented plays.

lol champion roadmap

Image Credits | Riot Games

The Rioter also talks about the “hangry jungler”, also known as Briar, and the process that it brought to the theme he currently has. Thanks to both game designers Glenn “Riot Twin Enso” Anderson and August Browning, they were able to find the perfect mix, exploring the concept of insatiable hunger and having the creature unleash itself when the hunger takes over.

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The Artist from Ionia has yet to reveal his work

While Riot usually has art for champion teasers, but not this time around. The champion after Briar hasn’t been revealed yet. Little is known about this champion, except that he is a “tortured artist” from Ionia. Before we see his masterful art, we might have to wait sometime again.

Skarner is also part of the LoL Champion Roadmap

Riot already talked about Skarner’s VGU a while ago, but they took the time to mention that they are planning to have it released sometime early next year, although the date is not confirmed yet.

The good news is that the design team is trying to lock in his kit. Lots of testing has been made, but it looks like there will be a lot more to come.

Jax needs a glow up

Considering the art team is waiting for Skarner’s kit to be confirmed, Riot chose Jax as the champion the art designers will be working on in the upcoming months.

According to the developers, the champion looks a bit outdated and they are looking to update his model, animation, VO, VFX, and some of his splash art to catch up to the gameplay update he received a while ago.

Image Credits | Riot Games

“We decided against giving Jax a real weapon, no matter how much he’d like one. Instead, we amplified his weapon’s importance—it’s the only thing he has from his home of Icathia before it was lost to the Void. Which is why he chooses to use it over a more traditional weapon.” said Riot Lexical. She confirmed that the update will be coming in later this year.

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