‘LIV thing is just really exploding’- LIV Golfers delighted with LIV Adelaide


Everyone who attended LIV Golf Adelaide had a wonderful time, both the players and the fans. Peter Uihlein is one of the players who could not hide his amazement with the current situation at LIV Golf. In the future, he believes that things are going to be even better than they are now.

“It’s 12 events, that’s the reality. We’ve done 12 events, and you get this kind of atmosphere on your 12th one? Think about when this is like your 40th or 50th, how much bigger and how much more this will grow. I think people lose sight of that a little bit. This is literally the 12th event. The sky’s the limit.”- Uihlein said, as quoted by

A special emphasis was placed on this atmosphere by his teammate, Pat Perez. Everything looked like a dream.

“I had a blast. It was an unbelievable event. That many people out here screaming and having fun, you could just see how this LIV thing is just really exploding.”-Perez said.

Perez, just like Uihlein, expects even greater things in the future.

“I think when we go more worldwide, you’re going to see this kind of stuff. I think that’s what we should stay with, myself. But that’s me.”

Dustin Johnson and Patrick Reed

Dustin Johnson hoped for this, and it came true. This will only be an additional motivation for the leaders of LIV Golf to continue doing great things.

“I thought this is what it would get to. Obviously, this week and then hopefully we’ll continue this for more events because this was incredible.”- Johnson said.

Patrick Reed showed how good a player he is in this tournament, and at the end he finished third. Reed is delighted with the crowd and the whole event.

“That was a lot of fun. That was amazing. The crowds were electric. I could see big picture how it was supposed to get to and what it was supposed to be as a product, and to see how the fans are, it was insane. It was everything I like.”- Reed said.

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