Liv Morgan Discusses Whether She Was Ever Considered For Sister Abagail: “It’s Very Flattering Fanfiction”


WWE star Liv Morgan was asked in an interview with Sportskeeda whether or not she was ever considered to play the part of Sister Abagail, the long fabled undead sister of former Universal champion Bray Wyatt. Here’s what she had to say:

I think it’s very flattering fanfiction. I, I was never, you know, respectfully, hoping to be Sister Abigail. I was never pushing to be Sister Abigail. I went away for a while and I’m finding myself and I’m exploring myself and I have all these thoughts and emotions and I’m trying to let people know without literally saying it. And they just, kind of , wanted me to return so bad. I think that that was, they felt that was it. They felt that that was it. That was what I was going to be doing. That’s a very flattering, you know, fanfic. But all it is is fanfic.

Check out Morgan’s full comments here.

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