Lio Rush On His Relationship With Vince McMahon During His Time On Raw


During an interview with WrestlingInc., Lio Rush revealed that he and Vince McMahon had a great relationship during his time on Monday Night Raw. Here’s what he had to say:

My relationship with Vince was great. I think he was my best friend when I was on RAW. [I was] probably closer to Vince than I was with Bobby. I was in his office every day. Every Monday, I was in his office. We were always talking about what was next or what he wanted to see from me to make my character elevate Bobby more. I think that that was plain as day. I wouldn’t have had all of those segments on RAW if I wasn’t likeable by Vince. That was his baby right there, that pairing between me and Bobby and doing the stuff with Lashley and the pointing at the ass. All of that was Vince.

You can listen to the interview HERE.

Credit: WrestlingInc.

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