Ligue 1 coaches disgusted by Noël Le Graët


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The outraged reactions continue, and it’s not nearly over. Sunday evening, Noël Le Graët shocked the football planet by making completely lunar, gratuitous and degrading remarks with regard to Zinedine Zidane. Many personalities, even going as far as the political world, have gunned down the president of the FFF. The Breton was even forced to draw a press release to apologize to the former Real Madrid coach. Present at a press conference this Monday before Rennes’ match at Clermont, Wednesday (7 p.m.), in Ligue 1, Bruno Genesio gave his point of view on this affair.

“I believe that everything has been summed up by players much more important than me in footballfirst dropped the 56-year-old coach, in comments relayed by RMC Sportsbefore continuing. But I found them (the words of Noël Le Graët), like the majority of football people, inappropriate and disrespectful. Vis-à-vis not only one of the greatest French sportsmen of all time, but also vis-à-vis the man. That you never hear criticism of anyone or anything, when he has extraordinary legitimacy as a player and as a coach. It’s unfortunate. » In Lens, Franck Haise also said he was very surprised by the media slippage of NLG.

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Real Madrid’s terrible press release after Le Graët’s violent media outing on Zidane!

Amazement and call for resignation

“On the media release, I can talk about it, just the release (the possible departure of Le Graët, editor’s note), it’s not me who makes the decision. The media release obviously surprised me, very surprised. When you are president of the FFF, you have height, a vision. I was surprised by the comments. We have a few legends in French sport and French football over whom we have a right of reserve, memory and respect. This is obviously the case for Didier Deschamps and it must also be obviously for Zinedine Zidane., he said at a press conference, ahead of the match in Strasbourg. Moments later, Laurent Blanc did not escape questions about NLG either. Already well solicited by the press about Dejan Lovren last week, the Cévennes showed itself this time a little more sharp.

What’s next after this ad

“We are all unanimous on this subject, these are very clumsy words, to put it mildly. I also saw that he apologized. (He thinks) It’s easy to apologize, but when you say things, the words stay. It’s like that. Let’s move on to another topic ». Finally, even the amateur world wanted to express its indignation. The French Amateur Football Association (AFFA) has also outright called for the resignation of the president of the FFF. “AFFA denounces the disrespectful and irresponsible remarks of the president of the FFF. His recurring behavior flouts the values ​​of sport. This is why AFFA calls for his resignation, and calls for a new, more democratic and transparent governance.indicated its president Eric Thomas to The Team. If NLG manages not to sink after this media tsunami against him, it will be a miracle.

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