Lifeweaver Buffs Won’t Fix All the Overwatch 2 Hero’s Problems


Lifeweaver is Overwatch’s newest Hero, dropping along with Season 4 of the game. The character initially had some fun abilities, a lot of them. However, the Hero has pretty quickly been figured out by the player base and is one of the weaker characters in the game. A batch of Lifeweaver buffs are coming to Overwatch, but they’re ignoring a major problem for the character, his huge hitbox.

Lifeweaver - New Overwatch Hero

Source: Blizzard

Lifeweaver Buffs

Overwatch 2’s newest Hero is getting a few buffs to try and fix him up. A quality-of-life update coming to the game will buff characters, and add a new control scheme for the Hero. Players will now be able to use alt-fire to fire Thorn Volley. They’re also moving platforms to where Dash is, making it cancellable, and adding an auto-reload of Thorns.

The new control scheme is coming alongside some big buffs for the character. The Lifeweaver buffs will make him a bit more useful. There’s one big problem that is likely to stay with the character for some time though.

Lifeweaver’s Biggest Problem is Here to Stay

One major issue with Lifeweaver despite the buffs is his hitbox. He’s very easy to hit. The character is huge and that makes him an easy target for players. Unfortunately, that’s not being fixed with the recent buffs. Although, Blizzard is aware of the problem.

Lifeweaver Buffs

Source: Blizzard

The lead character designer for Overwatch 2 has done an interview discussing the problems with Lifeweaver’s model. He says that the character model is going to take a long time. At least significantly longer than these quick fixes that Blizzard is introducing.

Buffing the character overall is going to help improve Lifeweaver. His hitbox might prevent him hitting the very top of the game’s meta for quite a while though, even with the other fixes. Until there’s an even bigger patch in the OW 2 news, the problematically big hitbox is going to .

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