Landry Chauvin’s rant after elimination


It took a small miracle at Les Bleuets for the France U20 team to qualify for the final phase of the World Cup. Against Honduras, the latter did not take place despite the great victory obtained by the proteges of Landry Chauvin, reduced to ten from the first quarter of an hour of the meeting (3-1). While a last goal would have allowed the young French shooters to qualify for the rest of the competition, the French coach returned to this failure during an interview with our colleagues from The Team.

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“It’s a big disappointment. The match that gives us the most regrets is that of Korea. The Gambia, we were bad. It bothers me because we had managed to create something before the World Cup. Everyone told us that it played good football. We do not give a good image of French football., first told the French tactician. Landry Chauvin then returned to the disappointment of not having been able to count on his full group. Indeed, the Blueberries coach also took the opportunity to charge FIFA, responsible according to him for not having postponed the competition for a few weeks. “I lost more energy before the World Cup than during, trying to put together a team. How does England have 16 players who were at the Euro last year and us only 10? We are prisoners of the excellent work done by the training centers in France because young people play professionally faster.concluded the tricolor coach, visibly very touched by this resounding failure.

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U20 World Cup: despite their heroic victory against Honduras, Les Bleuets are eliminated for a small goal

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Landry Chauvin’s rant after elimination 24hfootnews.

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