Lance Storm on Triple H: “I’m A Supporter Of His”


During a Q&A session of the Figure Four Daily, Lance Storm discussed what it was like working with Triple H. Storm had nothing but good things to say about The Game, including the times when he’d fill in for Vince McMahon behind the scenes.

“I will say I am a big fan and supporter of Hunter. When I was an agent, there were several TV’s when Hunter was there. There were a couple of segments where Hunter was running things because Vince wasn’t there. I think he’s a really sharp guy. I enjoyed working with him. I thought he was very professional. I thought he was very easy to talk to and deal with. I think he will be good. Is he the greatest booker in the world, probably not. But then again, I don’t know who is. I very much believe in him and his abilities. Again, I found him very easy to work with so I’m a supporter of his.”


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