Lana Asks Fans to Stop Cyber-Bullying Her, Says She and Miro May Take a Social Media Break


WWE RAW Superstar Lana took to Twitter last night and threatened to deactivate her own social media accounts, and the accounts used by her husband, AEW star Miro.

Lana first called out fans for responding negatively to a video she posted to Instagram, which she says Natalya received positive feedback for.

She wrote, “It’s crazy to see me that I can post a video on my IG & get so much hate & cyber bullying comments & then @NatbyNature can post the exact same video and everyone say it’s the best TikTok ever ! It’s the same video that I made…. why are all of you such bullies to me ?”

Lana then accused fans of cyber-bullying and said if it doesn’t stop, she and Miro are taking a social media break because their mental health is more important. She called on fans to respect her and stop the cyber-bullying.

“If all of you keep coming at me in cyber bullying ways …. the entire house hold of @ToBeMiro & my social medias will be turned off. Mental health is the most important. Cyber bullying can really effect someone’s mental health. Please have respect & stop cyber bullying me,” she wrote.

Lana recently touted how she hit 1.1 million followers on Tik Tok. You can see her related tweets below:

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