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Lamar Jackson ranked No. 72 in NFL Top 100; Mark Andrews lands at No. 80


Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots
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The dynamic QB-TE duo make the Top 100 list for the fourth straight season

This week, the annual NFL Top 100 list continues to be gradually unveiled in sections of 10 from lowest to highest rank. Last season, the Baltimore Ravens had four players total make the list. Through the first 30 players listed thus far for 2023, the Ravens now have three representees.

Marlon Humphrey, who was revealed first at No. 92, is now joined by the team’s elite quarterback and tight end duo of Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews. Jackson landed at the No. 72 spot while Andrews is eight slots lower at No. 80.

This is a significant drop from where both players were ranked on last year’s list. In 2022, Jackson was ranked No. 36 and Andrews was actually four spots higher at No. 32. Andrews was fresh off a career-best, first-team All-Pro season, whereas Jackson’s ranking was preluded by an injury-shortened campaign. Jackson’s 2022 season was unfortunately concluded early because of injury again, while Andrews’ statistics decreased from the year prior and he missed two games.

Even so, this low of a ranking for each player comes as a bit of a surprise. Andrews is a consensus Top-5 player at his position. Him landing all the way at No. 80 almost surely means there’s no more than two or three other tight ends remaining on the list, most likely Travis Kelce and George Kittle. Even in a “step back” season last year, Andrews caught 73 passes for over 800 yards and five touchdowns in 15 games.

Jackson’s drop from No. 36 to No. 72 is a bit more understandable given his struggles with availability for a second straight season. However, based on pure talent and projecting ahead to this upcoming campaign, 72nd overall is almost surely too low.

Three other quarterbacks were revealed previously, who rank behind Jackson: Trevor Lawrence (No. 96), Justin Fields (No. 86), and Tua Tagovoiala (No. 82). Jackson will likely end up somewhere between six to eight in terms of highest-ranked quarterbacks when the full rankings are concluded.

Ultimately, the NFL Top 100 list — and other similar rankings of players for that matter — are insignificant in the grand scheme of the season. Still, the argument that 79 players are better than Andrews and 71 players are better than Jackson is a lofty one.

It will be interesting to see if any other Ravens’ players are yet to be listed. Ronnie Stanley and Roquan Smith profile as the most likely candidates, although Stanley was not ranked on the 2022 list. Smith landed at No. 84 overall and Justin Tucker made it as well at No. 94.

What are your thoughts on Andrews and Jackson’s placement on the list? Chime in below and join the conversation.

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