Lacey Evans Trades Shots On Twitter With Natalya & Beth Phoenix


The WWE women’s division continues to use Twitter to blur the lines between performance and reality. Last night, Lacey Evans got into it with both Natalya and Beth Phoenix.

It started when Natalya responded to earlier comments from Evans by telling her that Evans needed to be reminded of who Nattie is. Evans responded by telling her that she didn’t watch her or her family growing up. This didn’t sit well with Natalya, who then accused Evans of not ever watching wrestling because she was too busy “playing wrestler”. Evans appeared to have gotten the last word with Natalya by responding that she watched enough wrestling to know that ‘wrestling needs her’. Here is the back and forth between the two:

The exchange apparently didn’t sit well with Beth Phoenix, who came to the aid of her friend and partner. Phoenix took a shot at Evan’s mic work and in-ring ability. Evans responded by mocking her status as a legend and claiming that she couldn’t even name a single move that Phoenix used:

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