La Liga takes legal action for racist insults towards Vinicius!


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Racist incidents are on the rise in La Liga. Already targeted several times, notably during a derby between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid, Vinicius was once again the victim of racist insults. The Brazil international was taken to task by Real Valladolid supporters when he came off in the second half. While the player had denounced the laxity of La Liga after the meeting and had risen to denounce racism, the Spanish championship finally decided to act. La Liga announced in a press release that it had taken legal action.

“LaLiga has filed the corresponding complaints for the racist insults against the player Vinicius Jr during the match between Real Valladolid and Real Madrid the day before, before the competent judicial, administrative and sporting bodies. A criminal complaint for hate crimes has been filed with the Valladolid Investigative Courts, accompanied by the audiovisual evidence collected during the investigation which was carried out through images and sounds published in open sources. »

Several measures put in place by La Liga

The Spanish championship also wants to act to combat this type of event, in particular through the implementation of sound messages or the increase in staff dedicated to this purpose: “The number of La Liga Integrity Officers present at matches at risk of racial slurs will be increased, to maximize the detection and identification of this type of behavior which has no place in the sport. In addition, in stadiums where it is considered that there is a risk of possible racist behavior in the stands, messages will be broadcast through the public address system and the advertising media surrounding the pitch to combat and condemn racism. »

to summarize

Vinicius was the victim of racist insults during Real Madrid’s victory at Real Valladolid. After the meeting, La Liga denounced these actions and announced that it had filed a complaint with the Spanish courts.

La Liga takes legal action for racist insults towards Vinicius! 24hfootnews.

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