LA Knight fans keep finding clips of his pre-WWE, non-wrestling TV work


LA Knightingale’s Twitter

LA Knight might still be having trouble getting a few minutes on SmackDown every week, but the YEAH Movement can’t be stopped.

Since Knight fans aren’t spending our time fantasy booking his Money in the Bank cash-in, we’ve had some free time on our hands. Based on some of the things floating around social media the last week or so, a few of us have spent that time searching the internet for clips of work Shaun Ricker (Knight’s real name) took to pay the bills while he was chasing his dream of becoming a big pro wrestling star.

Like this contestant profile from when he was on The Hero, a 2013 reality competition show hosted by a guy he’s been accused of impersonating

Or this (very poor quality version of an) Aldi commercial he did. It’s hard to tell with the pixelization, but that seems to be him:

Ricker seems to have gotten a few gigs as a “reenactment” guy on “true story”-type shows. Here’s a supercut of him… dying from being bitten by a lizard, I guess?

And even after some serious Google-ing, I haven’t been able to get the backstory on this one. But I’ll never forget the time LA Knight, er, I mean Randy Dupuis, stabbed an air zombie right in the face…

As the obviously biased LA Knightingale tweeted, while wrestling fans are laughing along with and even at these videos, it’s only increasing their devotion to Knight. It’s going to be even harder to keep the 40 year a heel now that we know how he hustled in between contracts with WWE, TNA/Impact & the NWA. And that he seems to always find a way to be entertaining — even in stuff like this.

We haven’t even covered the wrestling-related stuff folks are turning up…

C’mon Trips. Let’s not wait too long to capitalize on this.

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