Kyrgios: “I’ll marry Djokovic, I’ll kill Nadal and I’ll make love to Federer!”


Nick Kyrgios, together with Carlos Alcaraz, were the two excellent absentees of this Australian Open 2023. The Australian champion, most likely waiting to recover from his injury with his come back to the Tour which should take place at the first 1000m of the season at Indian Wells, recently gave a preview of his picks for the game “F**k, Marry, Kill.”

The Australian, in this gam,e had to choose among the Big 3, who he would make love with, who he would marry and who he would kill.

Nick answered: “This is a difficult thing. I’ve already thought about it in the past, always, always seeing them in the dressing room. I will probably marry Novak, kill Rafa and make love to Roger!”

“To win a Grand Slam you have to be a mental animal; Djokovic, Federer and Nadal, I think you respect them a little more now. Playing against one of them in the final made me feel like he was fresh, like he hadn’t played in tennis for the past two weeks, I have never seen him agitated. I get a lot of confidence from it,” continued Kyrgios.

Nick’s words

The 27-year-old from Canberra believes that Wimbledon is the most important title to win in tennis and is proud to have been one step away from it last season when he only had to surrender to Novak Djokovic in four sets: “I think Wimbledon is the most important title ever. I also talked to my team, thinking that if I won Wimbledon, I would have a hard time motivating myself. I really don’t know what I should prove more as a tennis player. It’s exciting, I still look back and I still have so much faith in it. I was one step away from the trophy.”

Kyrgios in his career has lifted 7 ATP singles titles where four 500m and three 250m stand out. Four are the lost finals where, in addition to Wimbledon, he came close to winning the 1000m in Cincinnati when he had to give way in the final to Grigor Dimitrov.

His best ranking was achieved in 2016 with the number 13 position even if last season he could have reached and improved his ranking but the London major final did not put points up for grabs last year.





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