Kylian Mbappé sees big for Africa


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In recent days, Kylian Mbappé has been passing through Cameroon. The PSG star took the opportunity to give several interviews where he notably mentioned football in Africa. Asked about the level of the continent and the possibility one day of seeing an African nation win the World Cup at the microphone of NCI, the Bondynois was very clear: Africa has nothing to be ashamed of.

“As long as I play, I hope that no African team will win the World Cup, that would mean that I will win less (laughs). If I don’t win, I would like it to be an African country of course. Morocco showed that there were no barriers. They were in the semi-finals. And they didn’t beat small teams. They eliminated Portugal, Spain and came out of a group with Belgium, Croatia and Canada. They didn’t have an easy journey but they were there. Unfortunately for them, we were there too. They showed they were capable. They even beat Brazil in a friendly. Today, there is no reason not to believe it.

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