Kylian Mbappé is mad with rage according to the Spanish press!


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“The only club that can get him out of here is Real Madrid. Nothing is impossible in football, but we could ask for 400 million euros, or even put no price on him.”. Earlier in the week, the serious English media The Athletic was looking into the Mbappé file, and had reported these words from a Parisian leader, on condition of anonymity. Statements that logically did not go unnoticed.

And according to Defense Central, this publication clearly did not please Kylian Mbappé. The Bondynois would have been surprised, and above all, very upset by this information. He considers that this price is far too prohibitive and that he “condemns” him to stay in Paris until the end of his contract. The player trained at AS Monaco would therefore be furious against his management, even if this information logically remains to be taken with a few tweezers in view of his origin.

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Moreover, the media reports that Real Madrid will never put more than 200 million euros on the table, and the Blues player is well aware of this. The newspaper also confirms that the Merengue leaders still intend to recruit him in the future. The Real Madrid train therefore does not pass only once for the Frenchman, even if, under current conditions, it will probably be necessary to wait until 2024.

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Only, the people of Madrid hope that this time the player will put a little more on his part to force a departure. Besides, brand also devoted an article to Mbappé this Sunday and makes it clear that Florentino Pérez and his teams do not want to fall into a new media cinema and that they will go on the attack only on two conditions: that PSG opens the door by setting a price (lower than that mentioned above) and that the Frenchman’s attitude is different from that of the last negotiations last summer…

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Kylian Mbappé is mad with rage according to the Spanish press! 24hfootnews.

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