Kurt Angle On His WWE Elimination Chamber Prediction, Brock Lesnar, If He Created His Own PPV


Kurt Angle had another fan Q&A via his Facebook and discussed working with previous opponents, what his PPV would look like, and his prediction for the Men’s Elimination Chamber. Here are some of the highlights:

Who was the most natural to work with between Brock Lesnar, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Triple H:

“All three were different but they were all exceptional. Brock was the best chemistry. Austin was the most intense. HHH had impeccable psychology. I enjoyed all of our matches. But Brock was easier to work with because of our backgrounds.”

His pick to win the Men’s Elimination Chamber:

“They’re all good enough for a title run. That’s tough. Cena needs it the least. I think Roman has proven to be the new face of WWE so I’m not sure he needs it. Braun is unbeatable so he seems to be in a good spot and doesn’t need title. Miz is the top heel and very established, so he doesn’t need title. Finn would be a good surprise. Elias is off to a great start, but most likely not ready for main event at WM…probably will be by next year. Seth could very well be the best on the roster. I’m a big fan of Seth. Another long title run is coming soon for him. So I’d say Finn Balor could very well rise out if this with a much NEEDED shot at the Universal Championship. My opinion only!”

What his dream PPV would look like:

“All Iron Man matches. 5 of them. Women’s. 205. Tag Team Championship. Intercontinental Championship. Universal Championship. All wrestling. No gimmicks. It would be long/boring after 2 or 3 matches, but if you really love wrestling, it would be incredible!”

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