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Kurt Angle Wants NXT Stars ‘Asuka’ On RAW


WWE Hall Of Famer and Monday Night RAW General Manager Kurt Angle recently took part in a conference to promote being the bonus pre-order character on WWE’s 2K18 video game. During the interview Angle answered questions. And Asked him:

Who he wants on RAW from NXT’:

He said “Oh gosh, I really like that Asuka girl. I’m telling you, the girls have really come on strong. Watching her, I know she’s gonna make a huge impact when she comes up, and I really hope we get her on RAW. They’re just as highly demanded as the guys now, I think Triple H and the WWE have done an incredible job with NXT. They’re grooming these talents, they’re become stars before they even get on TV on RAW and SmackDown. I really think the WWE has caught onto something really cool. Fans like the entrances just as much if not more than the matches, yes it’s true. So they’re on to something and I enjoy seeing it.”


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