Kurt Angle Says WWE Offered Him A Coaching Job, What That Would Have Entailed, Whether He Wants To Get Back In The Ring


WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was a recent guest on the Wrestling Inc. Daily to talk all things pro-wrestling. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

On if he wants to get back in the ring:

I’m done man. If I get the itch that I’m going to want to wrestle, I have convinced myself I’m not going to get in the ring again.

On WWE offering a job coaching:

Managing my Riddle, that was a few months ago. They offered me another job coaching. They also offered me a Legends deal. We weren’t able to get a contract done, but I’m cool with WWE. We’re in good terms. There’s no bad blood. Every once in a while, they call me to use me for something. I did a couple appearances on TV in the last few months. Today, they have me do an ad for one of their sponsors, so I did the ad for them. So they still reach out to me. I’m just not under contract, and I kind of like that.

What his coaching job would have entailed:

Yeah, I talked to Triple H about not so much going down there a lot but being on the phone or on a Zoom call with the wrestlers and talking to them, going over film, going over there technique [and] talking to them about promos. So it was a pretty easy schedule for me,” Angle revealed. “Nothing came to fruition, but that’s OK. They brought up the idea a few months ago, and it kind of got lost, but it’s OK. I’m good where I am, and if they want to continue to use me here and there, that’s fine.

Full interview is below. (H/T and transcribed by WINC)

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