Kurt Angle returns to wwe


WWE dropped a bombshell by announcing the return of Kurt Angle to the company. It was after a decade that the former Olympic Gold Medalist is returning to his home turf of the WWE.

The veteran is already a Hall of Famer in many of the wrestling promotions including TNA and will finally be inducted into the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame class of 2017.

Ever since the news was given by WWE COO, Triple H following the announcement on WWE Raw, many pro-wrestling veterans joined to welcome the former six-time world champion back in the WWE. They posted tweets saying nobody deserves the honor better than Angle.

However, the anti-American, Rusev might not be happy with this news. His wife, Lana posted the following tweet teasing that a feud between Rusev and the returning one might be in store in the near future. The post congratulated Angle but also gave hints of what might be waiting for him if he ever decides to be back into in-ring competition.

On the social media, Kurt Angle’s feud against Rusev is considered to be a dream one. The Bulgarian Brute has always been a Russian hero and a villain for the Americans whereas Angle is the only Olympic Golden medalist in the WWE. So, this is one rivalry which will be built with the America vs. Russia country feud in the backdrop.

This is the reason why WWE portrayed Rusev as one of the greatest United States champion of all time. He had great rivalries against another Olympian, Mark Henry, and the all-American Jack Swagger. However, he decimated both of them to come out as victorious in both the cases.

Rusev is not indulged in any big feuds, right now. So, if Angle wants to be back in physical capacity, it would be a great choice to make a feud between these two. The fans expect someone like Angle who is true American hero to stand up against a bonafide heel that Rusev is.

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