Konnan Opens Up On Being Hospitalized, His Health


It was reported last week that not only was Konnan in the hospital due to a kidney issue, but he also had COVID-19. He was released from the medical facility a few days after. 

Konnan took to his Keepin It 100 podcast to speak about the situation. 

“I’m not gonna get into details because I’m not the type of guy that’s, ‘Oh, thank you for everybody that wrote and woah is me and this happened to me.’ Bottom line is I was in the hospital.”

He said he was in a “compromised situation” but did not specifically say how he got the virus. 

“So let me tell you what happened. I f*cking was in the hospital, I wake up, there’s six doctors in front of me. An Nephrologist, a Cardiologist, an Infectious Disease doctor and they’re very, very mad. They’re angry with me because I’m not taking my pills, I’m being very rude, I’m not listening to instructions. This is in the hospital.

[I wasn’t listening to them] because I didn’t want to believe it was as bad as they were telling me. I didn’t wanna hear bad news. Now the bad news mean I can’t work, I can’t make money, as if that’s everything in life which it isn’t and so they’re f*cking talking to me and one guy just f*cking gives me a kick right in the nuts. He goes, ‘Well Mr. Ashenoff, since you don’t seem to understand the gravity of this situation, I’m gonna put it to you in black and white. There’s a very good chance, and when I mean very good chance, over 60 percent that your heart is going to stop. What would you like us to do with that heart?’ The other guy goes — I just was in shock. The other guy goes, ‘Obviously, that didn’t seem to illicit a response out of you.’ Well of course it didn’t motherf*cker. I’m f*cking in shock. ‘Your kidneys are failing. What would you like us to do with that? Donate it to science?’ They gave us like three or four f*cking things. Then another guy walks in, a Chaplain and you know I hate religion, and the motherf*cker wanted to pray with me. I almost threw him out the window but that’s real sh*t bro, and you survey your life and you go, ‘Okay, so what have I done?’ Had a lot of fun, took a lot of drugs, traveled the world, told a lot of people to go get f*cked. But I did it my way, you know what I’m saying? And at the end of the day, I am not any way, shape or form going to in any way, shape or form cow toe, bend to, kiss ass, just because people in this industry have money and everybody’s trying to get as much money as they can and they don’t wanna tell them the truth. Some of the conversations that I had with my closest friends were, ‘How did you put up with my bullsh*t for so long?’ And one of the things they always told me is, ‘No matter what, at least you kept it real with us.’”

He continued by noting that he was quite scared about the situation. 

“From a scale of 0 to 100, negative one thousand. Bro, I was looking at death dude. It’s not a script. So, when you’re looking at death and I’m an idiot because when I was young and if I brought some of the Mexican wrestlers here — Norman Smiley said a very funny story once on a cold open where these military guys took out guns and I told them, ‘Shoot me motherf*cker. What are you gonna do?’ Because I was a f*cking idiot, because I thought I was a badass. What if they would have shot me? I could tell you stories of drug dealers sticking guns in my mouth and me going, ‘Shoot motherf*cker’ because I was a f*cking idiot because I was too busy trying to be a badass, for what? So you look back at that sh*t, it’s kid sh*t, it’s stupid sh*t. Only a f*cking idiot would do that, but I thought I was being a badass.”

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