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Konnan Explains Why Triple H Should Welcome CM Punk Back To WWE


On the latest edition of his Keepin It 100 podcast lucha-libre legend Konnan spoke on a number of rasslin-related topics, including why he believes Triple H should bring back former two-time AEW champion CM Punk following the Second City Saint going into business for himself at this past September’s ALL OUT pay-per-view. Highlights from the episode can be found below.

Explains why he thinks Triple H will and should bring CM Punk back to WWE:

“He’s been proven to be a merchandise seller. Just for the fact of getting one on AEW, just for the fact of CM Punk coming back home, I’m sure that Hunter’s gonna tell him, ‘Look, that sh*t you pulled in AEW, that ain’t working here. You know that. You can’t go into business for yourself. You work this many times a year,’ probably give him a really light Goldberg schedule.”

Says Punk will most likely return to make good money:

“I think he does. … I think WWE, what they’ve been really good at is anybody that can make them money, they’re willing to make money with, and he’s one of the few guys that they can make money with for sure. Why wouldn’t he go after it?”

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)


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