King Corbin Is Going By His Real Height Now, New Video From Asuka, Rey Mysterio Gets A Cartoon Series


* King Corbin, originally billed as 6’8, is now being announced as 6’6 tall. The latter number was his billed height during his football career, so this seems to be the real number. WWE has a habit of overexaggerating everyone’s height and weight to make them more intimidating. There’s no indication as to why they don’t want him to appear taller, anymore.

* Rey Mysterio has been greenlit for a cartoon series for Cartoon Network Latin America. The cartoon will use his likeness and will include mystery, mythology, history, magic, and supernatural beings, according to Lucha Central.

* Asuka has posted a new video on her channel, KanaChanTV, which features her unboxing Super Mario Bros merchandise.

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