Key esports organizations to grow the ecosystem in India in 2023


This past year has been one which has taken the Indian esports scene from one side of the swing to the other. The year as a whole can be split into two major parts. One was the half before BGMI got banned and the other was the moment Global Esports got a franchising spot within the Valorant League.

There have been games that have been brought up and then immediately banned, and the constant change in flux led to a robust esports ecosystem. Huge swathes of the population are now gamers, and we had more events and tournaments, than ever. An Indian organization won an award for their content at the Esports Awards.

We began with there being two games that were leading the esports industry within the domain of Mobile gaming and PC gaming. BGMI was the game that took the mobile industry by storm after its arrival. This was the first-ever mobile game and esports tournaments that were being broadcasted live for everyone to see on national television.

On the PC side, Valorant simply got bigger. With there being servers for Indian players, the competition simply got better with time. Finally, games like Pokemon Unite were introduced within the ecosystem as well as PUBG New State.

Top Indian Esports Organizations heading into 2023

While we list the organizations in no particular order, they are put in somewhat of a descending order in terms of predominance and importance for the scene.

Enigma Gaming

The first organization on our list are known as the underdogs in most games they compete in. Enigma Gaming rose from the unknown and blew away all the others in their path. From qualifying for the APAC qualifiers for Valorant, to one of the best Teams in Pokémon Unite in India. The organization has gone through a steady rise in prominence.

At first, many assumed it to be beginner’s luck but in reality, it was the beginning of something new. They also won The Esports Club Arena LAN Tournament back in August.

For Enigma, 2023 will be the year where they have to innovate. After disbanding the Valorant roster, the organization is rebuilding from the ground up next year.

Enigma Esports

Godlike Esports

GodLike Esports had a shaky start to the year, but have slowly found stability within the industry. They field various teams within different games: Call Of Duty Mobile, Free Fire as well as BGMI. The team has won the CODM India Championship as well as coming 2nd in the BGMI Master Series. The organization also took the jump into FIFA 23 being the first team to have a professional team in the eFIFA domain. It has been quite the watch for most to see this organization exceed all expectations.

There is rumors they are pushing into PUBG New State as well as Valorant next year.

GodLike Esports New State

Revenant Esports

Revenant Esports has become one of the most known and appreciated organizations in India. While being marked by some as the Ajax of Indian Esports. The organization has had a simple ideology of giving younger players experience and exposure to the upcoming esports titles in the world. They own the best Pokemon Unite teams in India, and were part of the Pokemon United World Championship. Being able to represent the nation at such a crucial tournament was quite an achievement for such a young team.

This in turn has led to there being more organizations focusing in Pokemon Unite as well. Them having even more success within the mobile gaming side of things. They as well qualifying for the Pokemon Unite India Open which is said to take place on the 24th of December.

Revenant India Pokemon

S8ul Esports

S8ul recently even won the award for “Content Group Of The Year” during the Esports Awards. This is one of the biggest achievements for any team within India, being recognized internationally by a leading organization.  While not only focusing on the content side of esports, S8ul fields teams in various mobile games, from PUBG New State to Pokémon Unite as well as BGMI. They have been quite the organization to have a look in the mobile esports domain.

The month of December has been quite the month for Team S8ul. From winning the New State Mobile Open held by The Esports Club to the AAA Esports Series Pokemon Unite 2022. The AAA Esports Series Pokemon Unite 2022 is the first official Lan Pokemon Unite in the Nation. It seems 2023 is going to be the year where S8ul are going to go all guns blazing. With hopes of achieving the same glory in the game of PUBG New State and being rumoured to relaunch their Valorant Team.

S8ul Esports Awards

Global Esports

This wouldn’t have been a surprise to most who have been observing the rise of the industry within India. The organization that made sure 2022 ends with them on top is Global Esports. From having dreams to make it past the APAC qualifiers in Valorant, to being a part of the first teams within the franchising league. The journey for this organization has been quite the ride. They went through the high of winning the first BGMI Masters Series, and the low of the gaming getting banned the following week.

While trying to end 2022 on an even higher note the organization announced their entire Valorant roster for the upcoming Pre-Season Valorant Event in Brazil. To field another team in PUBG New State for the upcoming ESL Snapdragon Pro Series: New State.

Global Esports Valo 2023

CommendYT sporting the new GE merch

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