Kevin Owens’ stiff superkick on Dolph Ziggler in slow motion


The story lines on SmackDown have been uneven for what has seemed like a few months now, but tonight (Feb. 20) the action in the ring was on point. No moment of wrestling was more on point than when Kevin Owens blindsided Dolph Ziggler with a near perfect superkick to the temple.

Owens blasted his foot so hard off Ziggler’s head, it looked like the former WWE Universal champion was trying to kick through The Showoff rather than at him.

And in super slow motion

What a kick.

It likely has little to no chance of happening, but this is the type of power move that should set-off a feud between Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler.

Will Ziggler respond next week on SmackDown? How can The Showoff one up Owens’ superkick?

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