Kevin Owens Lost, !!!!


During last night’s Fastlane, Kevin Owens — perhaps predictably — lost the Universal title to Goldberg in a match that has been both lauded and panned. But the latest WWE rumors are focusing, not on what happened with Kevin Owens last night, but what will happen for and with him in the future, especially now that he’s no longer a champion.

First, according to Forbes’s latest round of WWE rumors, Kevin Owens shouldn’t cry too much about losing the Universal championship, as he’s just been named the WWE’s Raw Superstar of the Month. Granted, it’s a small consolation prize considering the fact that Owens worked 15 years to get to the top of the WWE pile, only to be side-lined by a part-timer on a nostalgia trip, but that’s neither here nor there.

“Goldberg dethroned Owens at WWE Fastlane in one of the worst and most predictable main events in history. Still, February was a highly influential month for K.O. Owens only wrestled once on WWE programming in February. He defeated Sami Zayn in just 1:15 on Raw on February 20.”

Forbes isn’t the only outlet who’s sorely disappointed in the outcome of the Goldberg-Owens match.

According to the latest WWE rumors from Bleacher Report, they too were disappointed in the outcome of the fight. However, their argument is that, despite the outcome being disappointing for all involved, it’s essential for other story lines — including the Goldberg vs. Lesnar story line — to continue.

And, with WrestleMania coming up, this loss was essential to Owens.

“It’s easy to argue that Goldberg vs. Lesnar does not need a world championship—or a championship of any kind. This is already the biggest match on the card between two future WWE Hall of Famers, regardless of any hardware that’s at stake.But if Goldberg and Lesnar truly are the biggest match on the card, it would undermine the concept of any WWE world championship if it was simply an exhibition. It would create the implication that WWE’s two biggest stars are above competing for what is supposed to be its biggest prize. More importantly, if Owens had retained the Universal Championship, a world title match wouldn’t be headlining WrestleMania for only the sixth time in 33 events.”

But, what was perhaps most disappointing about this match was how quickly it was all over. According to the latest WWE rumors from the International Business Times, Goldberg needed less than half the time he required from Brock Lesnar to snatch the title away from Owens. And, that perhaps was the most undignified end for Owens, because he’d spent so much time trying to get to the top of the WWE pile.

Again, however, the goal was to make sure that there was a championship to fight for WrestleMania. Ultimately, however, the outlet believes that the Universal Championship will be in Lesnar’s hands before Goldberg retires for good. This will give Kevin Owens the time he needs to build up the fan reactions and to get the Universal title again if he wants it.

“After needing just 86 seconds to defeat Lesnar at Survivor Series, Goldberg took less than half that amount of time to win the WWE Universal Championship. Owens was distracted by a returning Chris Jericho, whose music hit as soon as the bell rang. One Spear, one Jackhammer and 22 seconds later, Goldberg was the new champ.”

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? What do you think is next for Goldberg and Kevin Owens?

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